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Food and nutrition are important to you and your family.

But you’re frustrated with feeding your family: finding the time and energy to meal plan. And then struggling with dinner-time bribes and battles.

You’re worried your kids aren’t getting the nutrients they need to grow. And you feel like you’re failing at feeding your family.

You are not alone, and you’re in the right place!



Hi, I’m JenniferHouse, RD. And I believe raising happy, well-nourished eaters who have a healthy relationship with food doesn’t have to be a battle.


  • You’re confident that your children are eating the amount of food they need to grow well.
  • Your kids willingly try new foods – without you having to beg them!
  • You’re no longer a short-order cook, and your family all eats the same meal.
  • You actually enjoy mealtime with your kids and create good family memories around the table.
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Jen with her 3 kids

For years, my daughter Norah refused to try new foods. I remember so many nights at the table struggling to get her to eat something. Anything! While my husband pleaded with her to eat, I wanted to ease up on the pressure. But she still screamed and complained and we were all beyond frustrated. I felt like a total failure as both a mom and a dietitian.

We finally found out that Norah had low iron, which can lead to poor growth and appetite. Digging deeper, we also discovered other underlying reasons for her picky eating. We treated them all. We also stopped putting pressure on her at the dinner table, which made a huge difference in not only having peaceful meals but also raising a child who has a positive relationship with food.

Today, Norah is a healthy, adventurous eater, I’m confident she gets the nutrients she needs, and we’re all more relaxed at mealtime. And now I want to help you enjoy time at the table with your family, release the worry, and take your child from picky to peaceful!


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  • MAKE MEALTIME EASIER: Stop being a short-order cook so that your family can all enjoy the same meal.
  • Have a child that will be more likely to TRY NEW FOODS or eat their veggies – without you having to beg them!
  • Finally, get rid of fights over food and ENJOY FAMILY MEALTIME.

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