Meal Planning

Are you stuck in a dinner-time rut, filled with frustration, overwhelm and guilt?

Struggling with finding the time and ideas to plan easy, quick and healthy meals your entire family will eat? You often end up eating the same thing day after day, or picking up convenience food. Or maybe after your third trip to the grocery store this week, you try a new recipe that takes too long to make, with 2 kids clinging to your legs. Kids that require bargaining at the table to even take a bite!!

As a mom of three, I understand these struggles of being in a dinner-time slump. I know it’s a huge weight on your shoulders, you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, exhausted and guilty. You feel like you’re failing at feeding your kids.

Imagine being able to provide your family with meals every night….without the current frustration, overwhelm and guilt.

While I can’t be your 24/7 personal cook or dish-washer, I can teach you to plan yummy, healthy meals that are quick to make. And how to take the battle out of meal-time, without pressuring or bribing your kids to eat! Together, we can create a meal planning system that works with your family’s unique needs, and sticks. After you have a system and new ideas, you will:

  • Have more motivation to meal plan and cook,
  • spend less time in the grocery store & kitchen = more time with your family,
  • waste less food,
  • spend less money on eating out/take-out,
  • spend less time thinking about all things food (planning, shopping, cooking, fighting with the kids about eating),
  • help your kids grow up to have a healthy relationship with food,
  • decrease dinner-time battles.


Dinnertime Rescue Program

During your Dinnertime Rescue program, you will get:

Immediate access to my Picky Eaters e-course: to give you a basic understanding of how you can start decreasing the dinner-time battles tonight!

A Nutrition Consultation: in your home, so that I can get to know your family and your struggles or nutrition concerns.

A Kitchen Makeover: We will go through your fridge and pantry so that you can ditch the junk and start fresh with a list of pantry/fridge basics.

Meal Planning Session: We will sit down with your favourite recipes and cookbooks, and I get you started in creating an online system to store your recipes and meal plan. Once it’s set up (this takes some homework on your part, but saves countless hours in the end!), meal planning will be easy.

Resources: I will provide 2 weeks of sample meal plans, a list of pantry basics, quick “emergency” recipes and freezer meals to help give you some new ideas.

Follow-Up: We will touch base by phone or email about a month after our original meeting, to make sure you’re on track.



Note: check your extended health benefits, as many will reimburse RD services. 

question Why work with me?

As of 2003, I am a Registered Dietitian – the only regulated nutrition profession. I completed a BSc from the University of Alberta, and MSc from University of British Columbia, a competitive 1 year internship and submit competencies yearly to the College of Dietitians of Alberta. I’ve operated my private practice First Step Nutrition, for 8 years.

Beyond the professional stuff, I’m also a busy mom just like you! I have a 10 year old, 6 year old and 3 year old at home. While not always perfect, I successfully feed my family home-cooked meals. I have professional and personal training and practice to help you do the same!

faq_100px Is this covered by my extended health benefits?

Most extended health benefits do reimburse dietitian services. Check with your plan for the level of coverage. I can’t direct bill, but can accept credit cards and provide a receipt for reimbursement.

faq_100px How long will this process take to set up?

We will meet in your home for approximately 2 hours for the consult, pantry make-over and to get you set up with your meal planning system. To finish up getting this system organized, you will have to spend some time on your own to input and upload your favourite recipes into the system. This will vary, but will likely take about 2 additional hours.

faq_100px How much time will it take me to meal plan, once I’ve started your system?

By the time I follow-up with you in one month, you should be well organized! Then it will take just 5-10 minutes to create your meal plan and grocery list for the week. With one (max 2!) trips to the grocery store per week.

talk_100px “I have been doing really well the last couple of months. I have lost almost 15 lbs since about mid January. Slow but its been steady. I’d say overall we’ve all been eating very well the last few months and I know for me for sure, I feel much better. The meal plan worked great for us and we’ve been getting pretty good at working on our own plans weekly so we know what to expect that week for meals and grocery shopping.”

– Jen