Food School for parents of older picky eaters

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Food School for parents of older picky eaters

Have you been struggling with a picky eater for years? Food School, online feeding therapy for parents of older picky eaters can help

Being a parent is the HARDEST job in the world! And for most of us, feeding them is no walk in the park either.

Especially if you have a picky eater who has just not outgrown this stage! Can you relate to any of this?

  • You’ve tried asking them to take a bite—a million times. You’ve backed off on the pressure. You’ve been patient. And your child still refuses to eat what’s served. 
  • You’re still making multiple meals or the same three bland dishes over and over – the ones your picky eater likes. He controls the whole family.
  • You’ve disproven the “children will not starve themselves” advice. Your kid would prefer to starve instead of eating the family meals.
  • Eating out or going to friends’ houses for meals is hard. You pack “safe” food for your child wherever they go. 
  • You’re worried your picky eater is not getting the nutrition she needs. We want our children to grow strong bones, muscles and brains and avoid catching every virus. But how – when they will only eat bread and crackers?!

Why am I creating a feeding therapy program to help older picky eaters 

I’ve been studying and delivering training for healthcare professionals for the past two years in the Picky Eating Network for Healthcare Professionals. And working with clients for the past 15 years. I’ve learned about and used many strategies that are incorporated into Food School, including:

Both the healthcare providers and parents were asking….what about the older picky eaters? 

While I already have an online program for picky eaters called End Picky Eating, I get the odd message: “Will this work for my 10-year-old?.” The answer is yes….but. Some strategies and ways we teach and talk to a 2-year-old will differ from working with a 12-year-old!

Food School feeding therapy

And finally….. I posted a Food School video with my 8-year-old son on social media. It got BY FAR the most attention out of my posts in TikTok: 42.5K views and thousands of “likes”! You can watch the whole food school video here.

So I finally clued in! There’s pretty much zero help out there for older picky eaters. But for these kids, it’s past a normal developmental stage, and these are the families that really need the help!

I’m here for you….Introducing Food School!

I’ve worked hard to put together an 8-week live coaching program that will:

  • Ensure your picky eater is getting the nutrients she needs to be healthy
  • Teach new methods to encourage your children to eat a greater variety of foods – using new strategies beyond the Division of Responsibility.
  • Feel confident that your child can go to a friend’s house without being judged for being a picky eater.
  • Change your approach around the table to make mealtimes safe and pleasant for everyone – no matter what is eaten.
  • Bring parenting partners on the same page with a consistent plan vs separate approaches that cause conflict between parents and kids.
  • End the isolation. You may feel alone in this struggle, but I will connect you with other parents who have extremely picky eaters too.

Registration is currently closed, but will open again soon for the next cohort! I’ll let you know when registration is open again in spring 2023 via email, if you sign up to watch my Food Explorer demo video here.

FAQs about Food School

Is Food School right for my child?

Food School is designed for children ages 6-13 who are extremely picky eaters. You can check out my “End Picky Eating” program if you have a younger child.

I won’t accept younger than age 6 (they have a different level of cognition!), but I may accept older than 13 if your child is motivated to make changes.

It can even work for children with autism (who are verbal), pediatric feeding disorder, sensory processing disorder and oral motor challenges. If your child has any of these diagnoses, they may also be working with additional healthcare providers, and this program is a great add-on.

Food School might not be for you if your child has anxiety, OCD or ARFID that affects their eating. These are mental health struggles that require treatment by a psychologist. To note -many AFRID diagnoses are incorrect and actually Pediatric Feeding Disorder, which I CAN help! 

As for the parents: it’s not just your child that has to be a good fit.  YOU have to be willing to have realistic expectations, put in the work to try new things and believe in your child.

How is this different from other picky eating programs?

Most picky eating programs are for toddlers. This makes sense, as picky eating is a normal developmental phase. But it’s past that for your child, and your 12-year-old doesn’t want to feed their stuffy purees…..

Another difference with Food School is that we treat the whole family. So that what you learn in this feeding therapy for picky eaters is applied in your home. Compared to working in-office with a therapist, sometimes it doesn’t translate to progress at home. We work on addressing underlying causes, which are often ignored and a reason why behavioural strategies don’t work.

You will receive in-depth learning and activities/fun ”food therapy” that will positively impact your whole family. 

What can I expect by the end of this program? 

Since your child has been a picky eater for years, it will not likely be a quick change. However, one benefit of older picky eaters is they often have some self-motivation (they want to be able to go to camp or eat at a friend’s house!)

I can’t guarantee that your child will eat x number of foods by the end of the program. But I can guarantee that you will:

  • Feel confident that your child is getting the nutrition they need.
  • Have reduced stress around the table about what your kid eats.
  • Feel fully supported with expert guidance and community with other parents during the program.
  • Have the tools and processes required to continue to work on expanding your child’s diet.

Ask yourself the hard questions…

What happens if you continue to fight with your kids to eat? Any battles over food are harmful to your whole family.

Kids who feel bad about their body and food are at 3x increased risk for binge eating, weight gain and eating disorders. Not to mention the difficulty of having a decent social life as a teen or adult who only eats five foods….

You’ve waited it out long enough.

In the end, Food School will save you countless hours of fighting with your kids at the table, worry and stress. And it will help establish a healthy relationship with food (and each other!) for your whole family.

I know the craziness that can come with feeling exhausted and dealing with a kid whose picky eating has been disrupting your life for years.

And that is why I’m here to help every step of the way. Food School provides you with the tools and supports to teach your child to try new foods to get the right nutrients and decrease mealtime stress.

Learn more about Food School

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