6 of the Best Tools for Baby Led Weaning

Best tools for Baby Led Weaning

6 of the Best Tools for Baby Led Weaning

What do you NEED to start your baby on solids? A high chair and food- that’s it really! I do get questions about the best cup, bib, spoons etc for Baby Led Weaning a lot though. So here are (affiliate) links to some of my favourites!

Stokke Tripp Trapp high chairs are great, and pull right up to the table. You can get an infant attachment for a baby, and the chair can grow with your child. I have two, and adults frequently use them too (they hold up to 200 lbs).

Another similar option is the Keekaroo

For the budget-friendly high chair, try the Ikea Antilop for $20 (+$5 for a tray)

I used a standard Graco high chair. I like the large tray with a lip, making it slightly more difficult for your child to swipe food on the floor!

Under High-Chair Mess

Plastic Computer Mat for under the high chair. Easy to wipe off. You can also get these at an office supply store, like Staples.

Other options include a drop cloth or plastic table cloth, that you can shake outside after the meal.

Or a dog

Place Mats

If you’re using a high chair that pulls right up to the table, you may want some kind of place mat:

Happy Mat Sections make a cute face. I have this and it doesn’t suction to my wood table, but apparently will stick to other surfaces, so your child can’t “swipe” food on the floor.

Or you could try some simple Suction Bowls


I like Peak Pea bibs. They are leather and clean nicely and have a lip to catch food.

full-body bib is another good option : this is messy stuff!

Starter Spoons

Nubby Toothbrushes are good starter “toys” for your baby to mouth on. They can also be used to “dip” into yogurt, mashed potatoes or oatmeal for your baby to get a bit of a taste, like a spoon.

When your baby is ready to start using a spoon, these spoons are soft and shallow

Also great starter spoons to “dip” are the Num-Num Pre-Spoon GOOtensils.

Food Storage

Wean Green small snack pack of 4 glass cubes. Great to store leftovers or for on-the-go. The class containers are micro-wave, dishwasher and freezer safe. And they are thick tempered class that don’t break (believe me, we’ve tested them in our home!).


Occupational Therapists recommend using open cups as much as possible for babies

The Doidy cup is angled, with handles.

Another good choice is the The Munchkin 360 cup which is also spout-less

Small plastic shot glasses or small plastic Tupperware “tea set” cups work great too.

Books & Recipes

Of course I’m partial to my own book “The Parents’ Guide to Baby led Weaning”. Which also contains 125 recipes – 25 to get your baby started, and 125 recipes for the whole family! You can grab it in bookstores or on Amazon here.

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