Unlock the Potential of Food: Fueling with Snacks

Unlock the Potential of Food: Fueling with Snacks

Welcome to Nutrition Month 2018! Dietitians across Canada are helping Canadians Unlock the Potential of Food. 

How can we Unlock the Potential of Food? Food can help us to:

Fuel: Stay energized by planning nutritious snacks into your day.

Discover: Foster healthy eating habits in kids by teaching them to shop & cook.

Prevent: Understand how food can help prevent chronic diseases.

Heal: Learn how food can promote healing.

Bring us together: Enjoy the benefits of bringing families and friends together.

Today I wanted to talk more about FUELLING with food, and specifically staying energized with snacks.

About 30% of Canadians snack throughout their day. I know I do! And this is ok, as we can think of snacks as mini-meals that can help us meet our nutritional needs and give use an energy boost.

Here are 5 Tips for Healthy Snacking:

  1. Plan ahead: keep healthy, ready-to-eat snacks in your purse or at your desk. Something like dried trail mix is easy to keep, and helps you avoid less healthy snack-attacks.
  2. Be aware of portion sizes: Instead of eating right out of the large box or bag, take our your portion and place it on a plate to prevent over-eating.
  3. Listen to your hunger cues: Are you eating because you’re hungry, or because you’re bored, stressed or tired? We don’t want to snack just for something to do, but because we’re actually hungry and listening to our appetite.
  4. Skip distracted snacking: Avoid eating while watching TV or working on the computer. You will likely eat more than you need if you’re distracted! We’ve all got to the bottom of the bag of chips during our favourite show, and wondered why at them all, right?!
  5. Snack on vegetables. About half of Canadians don’t get enough fruits and vegetetables. Snacking on them is a great way to add an extra serving or two to your day. Which links back to tip #1: being prepared! Slice up those cucumbers and bell peppers when you get home from the store, so they’re easy to grab when you’re ready for a snack.

Want some snack ideas? Check out this post, with a recipe for Prune Energy Balls. Or this post, for my Top 5 On-the-Go snacks for kids.

Also take a look at Cookspiration, a free app from Dietitians of Canada. The Lentil Pumpkin loaf would be great to double batch and keep in the freezer for snacks!


Find out more about nutrition month at: www.NutritionMonth2018.ca


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