Picky Eating

End Mealtime Battles!

Do you have to bribe your child with dessert to finish their dinner?

Do you have to force your child to taste new foods? Or to eat more than 2 bites of dinner?

Do you have to hide vegetables so your child will eat them?

Are meal times full of fights, tears and stress for the whole family?

First Step Nutrition’s Dietitian and Occupational Therapist have young children – and see these food battles daily among friends, family and clients. We have chosen to follow a different feeding method; different from the 3-bite rule, bribing and fights. And have very minimal food struggles in our homes as a result.


You can do this too!

After following our methods, you will:

Have a child that eats the amount of food he or she needs to grow well. You will stress less about how much your child eats.

Have a child that will be more likely to try new foods or eat their veggies – without you having to ‘work’ for it!

Have a child that grows up to have less chances of being overweight, having an eating disorder or unhealthy emotional relationship with food.

Have peaceful family meals that everyone can enjoy!

talk_100px“Thank you for the picky eating information for my preschooler. Tonight I tried offering him his dessert and dinner all at once….He ate all of his dinner and didn’t even touch his mini banana chocolate chip muffin! Amazing!!!!!”

– Gillian

Dietitian Consultation

You will start by sending the dietitian a questionnaire & food records for your child.

We will then schedule an office or phone consultation, and the dietitian will have some recommendations to help you deal with your picky eater.

The third step will be a follow-up phone or email consult 1 month later, to check in and provide further encouragement!


$199 for the assessment, consult & follow-up

Note: check your extended health benefits, as many will reimburse RD services. We can direct bill to Green Shield, Great West Life, Chamber of Commerce, Sirius & Madavie Blue Cross.

Still have questions? Please contact us.


Feeding Team (RD/OT) Consultation

If you think your little one has difficulties eating beyond that of normal “picky eater,” we can come to your home for a Feeding Team Consultation. This involves both the dietitian and Occupational Therapist viewing your child eat and providing an assessment and solutions. The RD/OT team will evaluate nutrition, developmental, behavioural, oral motor skills, and sensory sensitivities to determine how each is playing a role in a feeding problem.

Occupational therapy can address concerns regarding eating and swallowing, self-feeding, bottle/breast feeding, oral motor skills and texture progression. Signs that suggest an Occupational Therapist would be helpful:

– pocketing food in cheeks,
– only eating specific textures or temperatures,
– spillage or poor chewing,
– coughing, gagging or change in voice quality,
– history of frequent respiratory illness ,
– bottle/breastfeeding concerns,
– oral aversion,
– inappropriate self-feeding skills for age (i.e. utensil/straw/cup use).


$275.00 for a 60-90 minute feeding assessment in your home with both the RD and OT


$399 for a 60-90 minute feeding assessment in your home with both the RD and OT AND one phone follow-up with each the dietitian and the Occupational Therapist.

Note: check your extended health benefits, as many will reimburse RD and/or OT services.

Still have questions? Please contact us.


talk_100px“I just wanted to say thank you!  This program has helped tremendously!  It felt like my son was never going to try new foods and last night for dinner he ate a pork chop and not only picked up broccoli but actually took a bite! I thought I must be dreaming. Both foods were new for him to try much less eat. Then the icing on the cake was he even ate vietnamese food today at a restaurant around people he doesn’t know well. I know there will be days were he will revert but I see that a much more relaxed/open approach was exactly what my son needs. Thank you again! ”

– Jen