How to Handle Unwanted Nutrition Advice

How to Handle Unwanted Nutrition Advice

Every mom gets it: unwanted parenting advice. And often, to do with how you’re feeding your baby or children.

Whether your grandma wants you to feed your baby cereal in a bottle at 2 months, your mom is worried your 7 month old will choke on “real food,” or your friend is concerned that you’ve chosen to feed your family vegetarian.

So how do you deal? Watch my Facebook Live for some tips, or read on: 

1) Just say “Thank you for your advice” and leave it at that.

2) Educate them on why you’re doing what you’re doing. If it’s too hard in the moment, you can send an email with links to evidence-based books, articles or resources.

3) Listen to their advice, and take it. But be open to getting multiple opinions from health professionals (like dietitians – the nutrition experts!), friends and online. When “researching” online, make sure you’re looking at reputable resources, and that the author has good credentials. Obviously poor advice abounds on the internet! I like to check out Google Scholar for research article abstracts.
Ultimately, you’re the mom and you get to make the best decisions for your family. What unwanted advice or opinions have you received, and how did you deal with it?



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