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Help, my baby is not eating enough!

Nutrition Month is over, but I am going to continue busting those nutrition myths! More specifically, myths that I hear related to infant nutrition, over and over again. I have many clients come to me, stressed out from a recent visit to the doctor or health nurse, and worried their baby is not eating enough food. This also applies to toddlers and children as well. First of all, you are the parent. You know your baby best. Trust your baby – and you will do a great job! Often recommendations about how much your baby should be eating come from health care providers who are short on time and are just following the standard (and sometimes old) recommendations. Some are not parents themselves, or they may not be very familiar with current infant feeding practices.

Alberta Health Services has a one-page handout with a days worth of food for the average 9 month old. I have had many parents come to me, concerned that their baby isn’t eating even close to this amount. Heck, my 18 month old doesn’t eat this much and some days my 5 year old doesn’t either! I reassure parents that this handout is a guideline as to what you can OFFER your 9-12 month old baby in a day. Whether they choose to eat it or not, is not your concern. Yes, you are the parent, and it’s your job to be worried about your baby…..but it’s not your job to force them to eat a certain amount of solids. Breastmilk is your babes main source of nutrition until about a year anyways. Try to relax, and know there is not a certain amount of food your baby “should” eat in a day. Other than the amount he/she chooses to eat that day…..a little, a lot or nothing at all!

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  1. admin
    October 2, 2013 | 1:18 pm

    Hi Bola. I am surprised your health nurse thinks your daughter should weigh more. She was between the 15-50th percentile at birth, and still is according to this chart: http://www.dietitians.ca/Downloadable-Content/Public/LFA-WFA_Birth-24_GIRLS_EN.aspx
    Her milk intake does seem low though. Have you had a doctor or nurse help you concentrate the formula so that is more calorically-dense? If so, perhaps this is the reason she is taking in less, and it is the amount of calories needed. If not, it is something you could inquire about doing. That is if this is a longer term decrease in formula. If it’s just temporary as in a few days, she will likely up her intake back to normal soon.

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