Frozen Summer Snack Recipes for Kids

Frozen Summer Snack Recipes for Kids

School is over and summer is upon us! Check out the Facebook Live video my daughter Norah and I made, or read on to see our favourite cheap, easy, healthy and cool summer treats.

Frozen Grapes

I first tried frozen grapes on a hot sunny patio restaurant in Vegas. I was there for a conference, and a fellow dietitian (thanks Jill Castle!) ordered them off the menu. She graciously passed the grapes around to share, and said she makes them for her kids all the time. Genius! And how could you get easier than simply freezing grapes?!

Wash and dry the grapes and pop them on a cookie sheet in the freezer for an hour or more. You have naturally sweet snack that will cool the kids down on a hot summer day!

Warning: grapes are a choking hazard for under 4 year olds. Frozen grapes are even more of a choking- hazard, as they are hard. I would suggest slicing them in half for younger kids and making sure all kids are seated when eating them and in sight, rather than running around.

Yogurt Bark

I first heard about this recently from a dietitian friend on Instagram. So simple, pretty and tasty!

You can spread any flavour of yogurt on a baking sheet covered in a silipad or parchment paper. I used plain yogurt and blended in some blueberries, to make my own flavoured yogurt. Lemon flavoured yogurt would be delish with blueberries too! Then sprinkle on any fresh or frozen berries and pop in the freezer for about 4 hours. Once the yogurt is frozen (3-4 hours), crack into pieces to create your bark.

Homemade Popsicles

Since the weather’s been warm, I’ve been buying a ton of store-bought popsicles. While I try and find the ones that are yogurt or 100% juice-based (as opposed to just food colouring and sugar), they’re super pricy. And yet they’re SUPER easy to make at home! You can buy old-school popsicle molds (mine are Tupperware), or try out a more instant-popsicle-maker like the Zoku. We keep ours in the freezer, and it makes a popsicle in about 7 minutes. Because who wants to wait a full day for their popsicles to be ready!?

What do you put in the popsicle molds? The easiest thing I’ve found the kids love is plain old chocolate milk. You can make it as sweet or non-sweet as you like, if you use your own chocolate syrup. These homemade fudgsicles are a bit more watery than the real versions, but nobody seems to notice.

It’s also super easy just to pour 100% juice into the molds. True juice isn’t the healthiest, but it’s far better than a freezie! Or if you have extra smoothie mix, that works out well too. And adds a bit of protein and nutrition if it contains yogurt, hemp hearts or milk.

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