Ditch the Big New Years Resolution

Ditch the Big New Years Resolution

Do you have a new years resolution for 2018?

If so, averages show that you have an 8% of chance of meeting your goals.

Why is the success rate soooo low with new years resolutions?

Many goals are just way to extreme for a normal, busy person to prioritize and meet! If you can aim smaller, you might be more likely to achieve success.

I won’t even touch on  weight loss goals.  Besides saying that: DIETS DON’T WORK. The multi-billion dollar diet industry proves this…it wouldn’t exist if they actually worked!

Extreme food-related resolutions are popular too. Fun ones – like avoiding all sugar, gluten and caffeine. Instead of taking things out of your diet – what about adding nutritious food in? This will automatically leave less room for less nutrient-dense foods in your diet. And be less depressing. Try adding in a vegetable every lunch, for example.

Aiming to start cooking from scratch every night come January 1st? When you currently do take out or processed foods most nights? Instead, maybe try out 1 new dinner recipe a week.

Instead of “Go to the gym 5 times per week” when you’ve never gone to the gym regularly in your life (other than the first 2 weeks of January)….pick an activity that easily fits into your lifestyle and that you enjoy. Maybe sign up to an online yoga or workout subscription. I like yogaglo.com and Beachbody on Demand.  I’ve found many 20-30 minute workouts here that are easier to fit in than the 2 hours it takes me go to and from the gym. And no child-care needed (beyond maybe an ipad).

You’ll be far more likely to be one of the successful 8% that meets their new years resolution goals if you aim smaller. And then next year, you can add on another small change. They do add up.

Happy New Year & cheers to a great 2018!


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