Dashing Dishes Review

Dashing Dishes Review

The first time I tried Dashing Dishes was about 11 years ago. Back then you assembled your own meals from prepared ingredients in a group, to take home and freeze. While I don’t have great memories, to be fair I was pregnant with my first child. And nothing that was food appealed! Since then, Dashing Dishes has new owners and a new process. And I’m no longer pregnant….phew!

Dashing Dishes is now owned by a couple with 3 young children. As a dietitian myself, I love that the owner’s sister is a dietitian and reviews each month’s menus. They provide a changing menu of  meals to choose from, which you can pick up or have delivered. The meals come prepared (i.e. raw chicken chopped), and you cook them at home. So if you don’t mind actually cooking but would rather skip choosing what meal to make, shopping and prepping, then this could be a good option for you.

Dashing Dishes generously donated some meals for me to try. While they didn’t ask anything in return, I wanted to share my experience with you. My family tried 4 recipes from the Dashing Dishes October menu. Here is how they turned out:

Creamy Pumpkin Chicken Casserole   

This dish consisted of chicken and cauliflower in a savory pumpkin sauce. It’s gluten and dairy-free. Some other meal options are vegetarian too.

I cooked the pre-chopped, raw chicken and cauliflower with the prepared sauce in a frying pan and the broiled it for a few minutes.

The recipe suggested serving on top of spinach of spaghetti squash. It was also good on rice, which the kids preferred.You could hardly tell the cauliflower from the chicken, as they were both covered in sauce (good way to get in extra vegggies!

Meals are suggested to make 4-6 servings. We had plenty of leftovers with every meal, which is a nice bonus!


Slow Cooking Taco Beef  

This was a seasoned pulled beef recipe, cooked in the slow cooker for tacos. Provided corn and salsa were added to the slow cooker near the end. This recipe also provided a ton of leftovers. It ended

up a tad dry, but that was my fault, as we got home late from Wonder Woman (which I think explains my youngest son’s evil super-hero face in this picture). So I cooked it an

hour more than planned. Woops, but that was remedied with sour cream and extra salsa and the taco meat was super flavourful.

Thai Coconut and Chicken Soup   

This recipe contained rice noodles, chicken, coconut milk & spices. It was very mild-tasting, but great with the addition of hot-sauce. Being a bit mild and noodle-based, this was a kid-favourite. Norah said “I love this dinner.” And my 3 year old said “Good dinner!”




Zesty Sauced Ribs     

I left these for the kids to eat while I was out with my husband on date-night. So I didn’t actually try them. The kids said they were tasty though! And it’s so convenient to have some frozen meals for the kids if you’re headed out for dinner. So you don’t have to cook them mac & cheese (again!) in your fancy clothes before heading out!

Overall, I think Dashing Dishes can be a great meal-time solution. While you still have to cook the meal, it still saves lots of time to have the meal ingredients delivered prepared to go.  I always love having a few back-up meals in the the freezer, when you have a busy or extra-chaotic night. Check them out here: http://dashingdishes.com/



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