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Cookbook for Weaners


Cookbook for Weaners

Is your baby ready to start solids and become an official ‘Weaner’?! With over 150 delicious recipes from Wean Green and starting solids how-to from First Step Nutrition’s Registered Dietitian, this book is the perfect place to start. Happy cooking!

I am so happy to finally introduce this cookbook! My friend Melissa over at Wean Green has provided delicious recipes, and I have made sure all of the starting solids how-to’s are provided for you as well.

The perfect addition to my Babyfood Making 101 E-course!

E-book to come for Kindle soon!!

Price: $24.99

Purchase through or the Wean Green website

or check out my Babyfood Making e-course or Babyled Weaning e-course

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