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Heard about Babyled Weaning, but have no idea where to start?


Skip the purees and use Babyled Weaning, to make starting solids fun, easy & healthy!


with First Step Nutrition’s Babyled Weaning online class


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As a Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist & Mom of 3, I ‘m honoured to be the expert to guide you on your Babyled Weaning journey!


I love Babyled Weaning because it:

>> Develops baby’s motor development earlier,

>> Can lead to healthier eating habits and weight,

>> Finger foods can be more nutritious than purees,

>> Easier for parents & fun for baby!

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What topics are covered?

You will get instant access for the next 6 months, to a comprehensive video  discussing:

Benefits of Babyled Weaning

When to start Babyled Weaning

Best tools to use

When & how often to feed your baby

What to feed your baby

How much to feed your baby

Preventing choking

Introducing allergens

How to modify family meals


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Who is this online class for?


  • The mom who wants to learn more about what BLW is and how to do it. Like when to start, what foods to try, what size and texture of foods to offer.
  • The mom who gets panicky thinking about introducing finger foods in case her baby chokes.
  • The mom who doesn’t know if her baby is getting enough food, calories or iron using BLW.
  • The mom who is using BLW, but not sure what to feed her baby when family meals are not baby-friendly.
  • The mom who has struggled with an unhealthy relationship with food, and wants to change this for her child.
  • The mom is too busy to make purees and want to save time!
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Free Bonus Video:


Babies Practicing Babyled Weaning!

Watch 4 different babies, from ages 6 to 11 months of age feed themselves, so you can see signs of readiness to start, different feeding skills, food options, gagging, using utensils and signs of fullness.




“I can’t believe what a healthy eater my boy is, thanks to your BLW guidance. It’s unbelievable!”

Erica & baby Andrew

Erica & baby Andrew

“I started my 6 month old with purees because I didn’t know much about BLW and didn’t feel comfortable starting with finger foods. However, Jennifer made me feel really confident about using the BLW concept and my baby now loves feeding herself all kinds of foods. BLW really does take a lot of stress out of feeding your baby, and Jennifer’s course walks you through everything and answers all your questions. My daughter is an adventurous eater, has really improved her fine mother skills and enjoys mealtime. I’m really glad I purchased the course!”


Join The Course Today Only $27 CAD

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center” font_size=”17″ font_color=”%23707070″ width=”700″]Everything you need to know to use Babyled Weaning to make starting solids fun, easy & healthy, from a Registered Dietitian (for far less $$ than a consultation!)[/text_block]

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